Two pairs of hands holding soya beans in Mokwa, Nigeria.
©VSO/Onye Ubanatu

Five ways we're supporting farmers in Nigeria

The Improving Market Access for the Poor (IMA4P) project is supporting Nigerian farmers to upgrade their smallholdings into fully-fledged businesses, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the global economy.

Two female farmers laugh together as they harvest crops
VSO/Allison Joyce

Women farmers working together

The Growing Together programme is making farming more profitable for thousands of small-scale farmers – and making sure that women don’t miss out on the rewards.

Abdul Latif is from Kafikhal village, Bangladesh
Allison Joyce

Farming together for better profits

Abdul Latif has been farming all his working life, but he’s still learned a lot of important lessons from being part of the Bugra Para farmers’ group – part of our Growing Together project, working to make small-scale farming more profitable.

Women hold up solar lanterns in Malawi
©VSO/Peter Caton

Meet the mamas fighting poverty through solar power

Solar energy has the power to transform lives in Malawi, where just one in ten people has access to electricity. Eight extraordinary women on a VSO pilot project are lighting new paths to prosperity.

Solar Mama Dines smiles as she stands outside in the sun holding a solar panel
VSO/Peter Caton

"Now I know that I can do things on my own" - Dines' story

A single mother whose husband left her when their children were still young, Dines Msampha, 42, has seen her monthly income more than double since she was trained as a Solar Mama.

Eililoy Kamwendo smiles as the sun hits her face and her husband puts his arm around her shoulder
VSO/Peter Caton

"I'm more confident and fearless now" - Eililoy's story

After being trained as a solar engineer as part of the Solar Mama project in Malawi, 62-year-old Eililoy Kamwendo is witnessing first-hand how attitudes towards women are changing in her community.

Celina Chibanda smiles as she holds a large jar of the peanut butter she produces

From a passion for food to a successful business

After receiving specialist skills training as part of the T-LED project, Celina Kisha Chibanda has overcome many challenges to develop a successful food processing business.

Volunteer Monica Atim smiles as she sits outside
VSO/Jason J Mulikita

Monica vs sexual health stigma

Volunteer Monica Atim has spent the past three years making sure that young people in some of the most remote and marginalised communities of Zambia have access to essential sexual and reproductive health information and services.

A woman reacts emotionally to an interactive theatre performance about child marriage in her community in Nepal
VSO/Omar Havana

Raising the curtain on child marriage

In Bangladesh and Nepal, we’re working with our partners on an unusual and engaging approach to help address the widespread issue of child marriage.

Duada Sama holds his wife Issatta as they smile inside their home
VSO/Peter Caton

Justice for women who face violence in Sierra Leone

We're working with our local partner to support survivors of gender-based violence, and challenge the harmful attitudes that can see perpetrators go unpunished.

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