VSO supporters cheering on a runner at the London Marathon

Fundraise for VSO

We believe fundraising should be fun. You'll have a great time organising your fundraising for VSO, and bringing people together to end poverty.

You don't have to jump through fire or swim the Atlantic to be a great fundraiser. All you have to do is something, and soon people will be queuing up to support you. So let's get started!

If you have any questions, please contact us on enquiry@vsoint.org. Thank you for your continued support of VSO.

Tried and tested

These ready-to-roll plans are your one-stop shop for getting your fundraising on the road to success

Fundraisers at a bag pack

How to organise a bag pack

Bag packing in a local supermarket can be a really easy way to raise money and spread the word about VSO.

This guy is super happy to have put on a fundraising event for VSO

How to organise a fundraising event

Hosting an event can bring in a lot of funds and could be all you need to reach your fundraising target

Ideas and inspiration

Pagoda landscape under a warm sunset in the plain of Bagan, Myanmar

Find the fundraising activities that suit you with this handy list.

Let's go

Paying in funds

YELG project Uganda supports young people to earn a sustainable living
Ginny Lattul

You can pay in the funds you've raised online, by post or over the phone

How to pay in funds

Here at VSO we support people every day with their fundraising, and we are always on hand to help: call us on 0208 780 7500 or email us at enquiry@vsoint.org.


Spread the word

Skydiving for VSO

Using social media and email to increase your donations

Boost your fundraising with very little effort and no cost to you.

VSO's Fundraising team at the cake-off

Using press and local media

Media outlets are always looking for colourful stories featuring local people.


Supporters at the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Using local businesses to support fundraising

Local companies can often help you with fundraising and publicity.

Practical support

these eye catching cake-top-flags will add a splash of colour to your cake sale

Download fundraising resources

From sponsorship forms to bunting for your bake sale - download everything you need to make your efforts a success

Pens and badges for VSO

Making a fundraising plan

Get help to put a plan in place now to make fundraising simple and rewarding

VSO fundraisers collecting funds for out "taste the world" campaign

Paying in funds

You can pay in funds online, by post or over the phone

Children hold paper hearts in Cambodia
©VSO/Thomas Roos

Why support VSO?

Help encourage others to donate to VSO's life-changing work

fundraisers at a fun run

Keeping your fundraising legal

Fundraising should be fun, but it is important to make sure that your event is legal and safe for everyone taking part.

Need some help? Get in touch!



Telephone: +44 (0)20 8780 7500

Email: enquiry@vsoint.org