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Help a baby take their first breath this Christmas

Worldwide, a newborn baby dies every 34 seconds due to illness or birth complications.

With the right medical treatment, almost all of them could be saved.

Help save babies' lives


No one should live in poverty and be denied choice and opportunity.

Our extraordinary volunteers live and work side by side with some of the poorest people to improve lives.

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were trained in 2015 to pass on the skills to get people out of poverty


partners at every level of society, from government to community groups to teachers.


volunteers in 2015 from around the world, aged 18 to 80

16 days of activism against gender-based violence

Bill Carr VSO volunteer in Pakistan

Engaging the police in Pakistan on gender-based violence

In Pakistan, VSO is supporting local partners to improve the police response to gender-based violence in a country that scores among the lowest countries in the world for gender equality, and where patriarchal attitudes prevent many abused women seeking and accessing justice.

Karitu Joe mother and children in Sierra Leone | VSO

Justice for women who face violence in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone domestic violence tends to be seen as a 'private issue'. In Kenema, VSO has been supporting local organisation FINE-SALON to raise awareness of women's rights and the law, change attitudes, and support survivors to prosecute their perpetrators. 

VSO Volunteer Catherine Bedford with Alyce in PNG

Support for survivors of domestic violence in PNG

Papua New Guinea (PNG), where Alyce lives, has the world’s highest levels of violence against women for a country not at war. VSO has been working in PNG since 1960 and has seen just how challenging it is to change violent behaviours – and the attitudes that underlie them. For the first time, many survivors like her can now get specialist support, thanks to the efforts of volunteers.

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