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Every child deserves an education

Education is a direct route out of poverty. But there are millions of children across the world who will never set foot in a classroom.

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No one should live in poverty and be denied choice and opportunity.

Our extraordinary volunteers live and work side by side with some of the poorest people to improve lives.

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were trained in 2015 to pass on the skills to get people out of poverty


partners at every level of society, from government to community groups to teachers.


volunteers in 2015 from around the world, aged 18 to 80


Volunteer Stephanie with women Shea nut processors in Ghana

Shea joy as volunteer Stephanie returns to progress in Ghana

British volunteer Stephanie Green spent two years in Ghana working to help Shea nut processors become financially independent businesswomen. She returned earlier this year- and was delighted to see that the women are thriving, independent of VSO support.

Bosco is a farmer in Uganda who has been supported by VSO's YELG project

After the conflict I had nothing

Volunteers are working in the Gulu region, supporting young people access a range of employment and educational opportunities. Chairman of the Lacan Kow Lewet cooperative, Bosco Onyaobo, explains how the project has transformed his life.

J.K. Rowling is right – children deserve better than orphanage “voluntourism”

J.K. Rowling took to Twitter this week to speak out against the practice of volunteering in orphanages and against poorly managed “voluntourism” placements – and I’m really glad she did. Writes VSO CEO, Philip Goodwin

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