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Paul Wambugu

Kin Magazine

Kin is VSO’s magazine which features insightful stories about the work we’re doing to build a fairer world for everyone.

March 2023

Hear from Clodagh Byrne, our lead resilience adviser, on what you can expect from this issue of Kin and why VSO's work is so important right now:

I’m Clodagh, and I lead on VSO’s resilience work helping communities prepare for and adapt to extreme weather patterns. I believe that through volunteers, we can make the biggest change. Volunteers ensure our work is led by what the community needs – we’re helping real people with their real problems.

Can we rise to the challenge of climate change? It’s the VSO community of supporters like you that makes me think, yes, we can. It’s heartening to know there are others who recognise that duty to be there for our fellow human.

Right now, VSO needs you. If you can, donating to VSO is the single best thing you can do, so we can continue supporting communities in their time of crisis. Thank you.

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Aerial shot of flooding in Pakistan

VSO needs your help to keep children in Pakistan in education

Find out more about our work in:

Young female farmers in Kenya
Paul Wambugu/ Obscuramedia

Resilient livelihoods

Ensuring people have the skills and opportunities needed to support themselves and their families.

770,000 people have benefited from our work supporting livelihoods over the past five years.

Purnima at a catch up class
Suraj Shakya

Inclusive and resilient education

Making sure everyone gets the skills they need to live a fulfilled, dignified life.

Over the past five years we have supported almost 3,500,000 children to access the quality education they deserve.

Girls at the She Club, a safe space for girls to learn about SRHR
Chosa Mweemba

Adolescent and youth health and wellbeing

Improving health services and empowering people to exercise their right to quality care.

Over the past five years we have helped over 3,600,000 people access better healthcare.