Volunteer Monica Atim talks to a group of peer educators she's trained
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Discover how you can stay involved with VSO and become part of our thriving global volunteer network.

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How can you support VSO

Two young male peer educators in the studio as they present a health programme on Radio Bangweulu
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A large group of people stand together and smile for the camera, at the IVCO 2019 conference in Kigali


Stay informed about our work through out events. Join us at an upcoming event or recap any you might have missed.

National volunteer Asha conducts an aspirations analysis with young female applicants to the Lake Zone Youth Empowerment project.

Global youth networks

Our youth networks are unifying and amplifying the voices of young people.

A group of people talking
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Making the case for UK Aid

At VSO, we believe in taking a stand for the good of international aid and development.

Arti and her big sister Anu smiling.
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Support us financially

VSO is a charity and requires ongoing public donations, alongside institutional funding, to bring about lasting change to the world’s poorest communities.

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Volunteer again

We are always looking for highly skilled individuals like yourself to volunteer where the need is greatest. Check out our latest volunteering opportunities here. 

VSO in Rohingya camps, Bangladesh

Careers at VSO

We don't just go to work at VSO. We're transforming the way development is done by putting people at the heart of the change. 

Volunteer stories

A teacher shares best practice as part of the Building Learning Foundations project in Rwanda

How one volunteer is making a difference to school children in Rwanda

Melba from Colombia, recounts her experience volunteering with VSO in China and more recently in Rwanda where she coached and supported headteachers, both in country and remotely after the pandemic cut her placement short.

Melba's story

Women in Humla planting rice using the system of rice intensification method

A sustainable approach to small-scale farming

VSO e-volunteer Chris Evans outlines how a tiny pilot permaculture scheme in Nepal successfully spreads environmentally friendly practices and ideas in line with existing cultural traditions

Using an acre of degraded farmland, Chris founded a permaculture demonstration and training centre, which grew into the Jajarkot Permaculture Programme (JPP). Over a decade later, this tiny pilot scheme had evolved into something much bigger than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Chris' permaculture journey

James Russell works at his laptop from his placement accommodation in Surkhet, Nepal.
©James Russell

Meet the volunteers fighting poverty from their living rooms

More than 40 international VSO volunteers are now ‘working remotely’, giving online support to vital projects around the world, despite having had to return home due to COVID-19.

Hundreds of thousands of people have made the switch to working from home as countries have gone into lockdown. Our volunteers are no different, becoming e-volunteers providing virtual support.

The rise of e-volunteers

Volunteer Willeke Gerritsen outside a hospital in Nepal.
Willeke Gerritsen

From the frontlines of Ebola to COVID-19: One volunteer’s journey

Nurse Willeke Gerritsen shares how volunteering during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 prepared her to take on COVID-19 in the Netherlands.

Now, working in public health in the Netherlands on the COVID-19 crisis, she poses her biggest challenge yet – and the lessons she learned as a volunteer are more relevant today than ever before. Here, Willeke shares how her experience as a volunteer equipped her to take on COVID-19.

Willeke's story