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Professionals and specialists volunteering

  • Volunteer abroad for 12 months sharing your skills and experience
  • All travel, vaccinations, expenses, insurance and accommodation paid for
  • A lasting impact on people in Asia or Africa
  • Full training before you go and full support in-country

More about volunteering

Smiling ICS youth volunteers and young people gather in a team

Youth volunteering (ICS)

  • Volunteering abroad for 18-25 year olds
  • Three months in Africa, Asia or Latin America
  • No need for cash, skills or qualifications


UK VSO volunteer Anuradha Banerjee is one of two Barclays employees placed through a VSO-Barclays partnership

Corporate volunteering for businesses

Skills-based corporate volunteering for private sector and development partners.

Unlock organisational talent and develop tomorrow's leaders with VSO Knowledge Exchange