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Growing up in Nepal, Raj saw many of his friends drop out of school just because they were girls. Without education or income of their own, women are often trapped in violent marriages and don't know where to turn for help. 

Things CAN change. Through activities designed to engage and educate, VSO expert volunteers like Raj give women a voice and empower them to stand against gender-based violence. 

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Sima and Suren smiling at the camera.
Suraj Shakya
Sima and Suren improved their relationship after attending VSO's couple sessions, focusing on identifying and preventing harmful practices that lead to gender based violence.

Transforming lives by tackling harmful social norms

Sima and Suren faced many problems and conflicts in their day-to-day life. Suren didn't support his wife, neglected her and didn't treat her well. Sima, in turn, didn't know how to speak up for herself, what rights she had, and where to seek help if she needed it.

VSO's support was life-changing for the couple. VSO volunteers guided them through various exercises and discussions, teaching them how to listen to each other and communicate clearly. This led to a significant improvement in Sima and Suren's relationship. Now every decision is consulted on. They’ve shared their new knowledge with family and friends too, creating a ripple of change within their wider community.

VSO in Nepal aims to reach over 13,000 girls, boys and couples and nearly 14,000 family members with vital response services and prevention activities to challenge harmful social norms and reduce violence against women and girls. Things CAN change.

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*Nepal: Gender and Health, World Health Organisation. 2021 



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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are carefully chosen with the right skills and knowledge to make the biggest difference, often working in their own countries to create long-lasting change. Your sponsorship puts volunteers where they’re really needed to work on:

Regina and her sister Charity laughing
Health volunteers help to improve vital services and empower people to access life-saving care.
ENGAGE primary actor enrolled in secondary school
Suraj Shakya
Education volunteers make sure that every child has the chance to learn and reach their potential.
YEEP primary actor who's been helped by VSO to start her own business
Livelihood volunteers ensure people have the skills and opportunities needed to support themselves and their families.

YEEP primary actor who's been helped by VSO to start her own business

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Nepal delivering group classes.
Suraj Shakya
£15 could train a volunteer like Raj to work directly with couples and reduce violence in their home. 
Teenagers in GBVPR group classes.
Suraj Shakya
£10 could provide teenagers living in poverty with an essential learning kit so they can attend group classes. 


Nepalese woman outside her shop
£8 could provide women vulnerable to violence with a dignity kit so they are not reliant on their partners for essential items. 

Just read your superb blog on how you are trying to further improve learning in Nepal. You’re obviously doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

Alan, Nottingham, UK
VSO volunteer sponsor
VSO volunteers and primary actors.
Suraj Shakya

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