Students from Unlocking Talent class in Malawi

Teaching 142 students at a time

Margret Kawanga, a Teacher at Mdzobwe Primary School in Malawi has a difficult task. She teaches over 140 learners at any one time. It is near impossible to deliver quality teaching in these circumstances.

With over 140 learners to teach, Margret can find it difficult to deliver her lessons appropriately. It is impossible to ensure all the children are following the lesson and identify those that need support.

Unlocking Talent at Mdzobwe Primary School

Since the introduction of Unlocking Talent at the school, scores in numeracy and literacy have improved considerably. Learners are able to follow lessons at their own pace and Margret is better able to focus on supporting those that need it. Margret has found the Unlocking talent intervention incredibly useful.

My wish is for the project never to stop. Each and every school should have access to the project.

Margret Kawanga
Teacher at Mdzobwe Primary School

Furthermore, the project has encouraged learners to stay and come back into school. Over 2,000 children have now come back into education because of Unlocking Talent.

The coming of Unlocking Talent has brough interest to learners. More learners want to participate. The intervention is just very good.

Chrissie Bondo
Primary Education Advisor for Lilongwe Urban, Malawi Ministry of Education

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A student on the Unlocking Talent programme smiles as she works on her tablet in Mdzobwe Primary School
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Children using tablet computers on the VSO Malawi Unlocking Talent project

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Prisca helping students with the tablets.
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