A female police officer sits behind her desk in the police station

From a violent marriage to independence

Our partner Rozan is supporting women like Sara to escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives.

A female police officer stands next to her squad car

Combatting gender-based violence through democratic policing

Working with the police force, NGOs and civil society organisations to combat gender-based violence, and challenge longstanding attitudes towards harmful cultural practices in Pakistan.

Women participating in a sewing workshop at Panah shelter
©Panah shelter

This Pakistan shelter is helping women escape violence and rebuild their lives

As part of the Pakistan Forum for Democratic Policing, Panah shelter in Karachi is offering hope to women facing domestic abuse.

A female police officer sits across a desk from a civilian woman, in the police station

Engaging the police in Pakistan on gender-based violence

We're supporting local partners to improve the police response to gender-based violence in Pakistan, in the face of patriarchal attitudes that discourage women from seeking justice.

Volunteer Brown Niyonsaba smiles as she sits in front of a blackboard in the classrrom at Umutara School, signing 'VSO volunteer'
VSO/Ben Langdon

The Deaf volunteer struggling for health equality

Around the world, people with disabilities face additional barriers to getting quality healthcare. Brown Niyonsaba, 31, is a young Deaf woman volunteering to change this in her native Rwanda.

Peer educator with his family at home in Zimbabwe
VSO/Cynthia Matonhodze

Life in prison inspired me to give back as a volunteer

JK found a fresh sense of purpose and perspective as a VSO volunteer peer educator in prison, and a new lease of life upon his release.

A man waters seedlings
VSO/Cynthia R Matonhodze

The food revolution that could transform life behind bars

Poor nutrition makes prisoners more vulnerable to infection - but grow-your-own initiatives could be a simple, innovative way to improve health behind and beyond bars.

An inmate stands in front of a sign for Chikurubi female prison clinic
VSO/Cynthia R Matonhodze

Using scorecards to improve accountability for health in Zimbabwean prisons

We've been working with the Zimbabwe Prison and Correction Services (ZPCS) to empower inmates to identify areas of improvement in prison health services - and hold authorities to account where they fall short.

Irene Bitumbe, recipient of the Health volunteer award 2019.

Tackling child marriage through theatre: Irene’s story

Volunteer Irene Bitumbe is on a mission to protect the rights of girls in Tanzania. Aged just 25, she has worked tirelessly tackling sexual reproductive health and rights for young people through interactive theatre. Irene explains why she wants to help enable young girls have the future they deserve.

Fred Sadia, Secretary and National Coordinator at Volunteer Involving Organizations Society - Kenya, signs the Kigali Declaration at IVCO 2019

Setting the standard: Leadership in responsible Volunteering for Development

Over a billion people across the world volunteer each year. Creating a new Global Standard for Volunteering for Development will help ensure that their work is as responsible, effective and impactful as it can be.

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