Durga Bista smiles

Meet Durga: A Big Sister with a huge impact

Impact beyond volunteering

A group of young children carry teaching materials as they walk outside, led by their teacher

Building Learning Foundations

A group of young children sit outside on the round, listening to a local teacher talk about school and earthquake preparedness

Emergency education post-earthquake

A group of students in blue overalls and safety gear crouch down around a metal box as they are taught by a lead instructor

Training Uganda's young population

More than three quarters of Ugandans are under 30, meaning the country has the youngest population in the world. This presents a huge opportunity - but also a challenge.

Youth unemployment is widespread, with 78% of young Ugandans out of work. This is caused in part by a gulf between the technical skills demanded by the country's growing industries - including oil and gas - and the skills currently present in the youth population.

VSO national volunteer Jackline Kakala smiles as she conducts an aspirations analysis with young women participating in the Lake Zone Youth Empowerment project

Empowering Tanzanian girls and young mothers

In photos: Grassroots recovery in Mozambique

A pregnant woman lies on a bed and smiles as she looks at the screen of her ultrasound scan

Doctors for Development

A married couple high five over a board game they are playing outside

Breaking with tradition: Male engagement

Community mobiliser Dharmendra Chaurasiya interacts with performers during a theatre performance, watched by a crowd of women

Interactive theatre for justice

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