A doctor with a newborn baby in Ethiopia

Healthy communities

Improving health services for all and empowering the most marginalised to exercise their right to quality care.

Over the past five years we have helped over 3,600,000 people access better healthcare.

A female nurse smiles at a newborn baby she's holding in the neonatal intensive care unit
VSO/Ginny Lattul

Developing a centre of best practice at Arba Minch General Hospital

Thanks to funding, support and expertise from VSO, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Arba Minch General Hospital has rapidly become a regional centre for best practice for the care of premature or sick babies and their mothers.

A midwife tends to a newborn baby who is wrapped in colourful blankets
VSO/Paul James Driscoll

A neonatal intensive care unit at Suhul Hospital

Nurse Rahel Beyan has been working alongside VSO volunteer Miriam Etter to improve conditions for newborn babies at Suhul Hospital.

A midwife smiles gently as she holds a newborn babby swaddled in a colourful blanket
VSO/Peter Caton

Bringing ultrasound to midwives and mothers in Sierra Leone

Midwives in northern Sierra Leone now have access to portable ultrasound technology, thanks to the Doctors for Development project.

Two female students pose in front of a wall of hanging fabrics at the Subra Tailoring Enterprise
VSO/Nicky Woo

Breaking down bottlenecks to growth in Tanzania

With one of the world’s youngest populations, Tanzania’s economic growth is being driven by young entrepreneurs.

Alfred Kunda smiles and poses as he sits on the lake shore
VSO/Jason J Mulikita

I lost my parents to HIV - now I'm using my musical talents for good

After turning to drink to cope with losing his parents to HIV, musician Alfred Mwiza has got his life back on track – by using his creative skills to teach young people about safer sex.

Schoolgirls in Nepal
Suraj Ratna Shakya

Weathering the storms

James Russel, education volunteer on Sisters for Sisters, explores how resilience is at the heart of the project.

Nirmala smiles as she sits on the floor to talk with 'Big Sister' Durga
VSO/Suraj Shakya

"Very few girls miss school now"

Nirmala used to struggle at school as she was told by her parents to prioritise domestic work over education - but after three years on the Sisters for Sisters project, her grades and confidence have hugely improved.

A young man and young woman stand outside, conversing in Rwandan Sign Language

Ensuring Deaf young people aren't excluded from sexual and reproductive health services

Improving sexual and reproductive health and rights for marginalised and at-risk Deaf young people.

A young male tailor works at a sewing machine
VSO/Jack Howson

Encouraging grassroots growth in Tanzania

The GAC-funded Tanzania Local Enterprise Development (T-LED) project is supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to thrive, and increasing employment opportunities within them.

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