Anuradha Banerjee and Nassor Salim Al-Miskiry, managing director of Rans Building Company, a small business Anuradha is supporting

Corporate partners

With VSO your organisation has the power to achieve something amazing.

VSO / Randstad volunteers celebrate the successful Zanzi job fair, Zanzibar.
Sophie Tremblay

Randstad corporate volunteers Daisy Spangenberg and Kim Van Nijnattenwork with VSO partner Abraham Mtongole at Zanzi job fair. Randstad volunteers have been supporting employability initiatives throughout Tanzania

We work closely with a range of corporate and membership body partners. Each of our partnerships is unique and is designed to meet the aims of both partners. 

We believe our Volunteering for Development approach is a powerful and sustainable way to address poverty. Working together we can create a better future for more communities. Partnerships include:

  • Funding programmes
  • Support with designing and delivering programmes
  • Employee giving and fundraising
  • Advocacy and influencing
  • Innovative technology and services

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Adult Champion Sunti poses for a photo with one of her "little sisters"  - Sunti
VSO/Omar Havana

Programme delivery partners

Working together to create change for communities around the world.

Volunteer Lisa Barrins at Tapac Health Centre
VSO/Peter Caton

Institutional partners

We're looking to significantly scale our impact through new partnerships over the next decade. Join us, and together we can do development differently.

The CLARITY team with a group from HR services company Randstad, who are involved in the project’s business component, visiting GEWOMA as part of a monitoring and evaluation exercise.
Nicholaus Jackson

VSO and Randstad

Sharing skills to fight poverty.

The VSO partnership for Randstad is important. We are not just interested in giving money, we are interested in working together. What VSO does is not just giving things. They always leave behind a tangible result which might be a system for elections, which might be a school or part of a school, which might be a project to bring unemployed, even handicapped people back to the market place. Which is of course what we [Randstad]  do every day. 

Jacques van den Broek,
CEO, Randstad.