VSO London Action Group held a panel discussion on "Reslilence, Conflict and Natural Disaster: Can Volunteers have Impact?". Held on the 4th July 2019 at the Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University.

Former volunteers

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Many VSO volunteers carry on making a difference and changing lives around the world after their placement has ended.

Advocate & support

Jon snow from channel 4 news recounts his time volunteering with VSO

Write your story

We’re documenting VSO’s rich 60 year history with your stories about how volunteering changes lives. Read accounts, see photos and relive memories from volunteering all over the world. Better still, add your own story.

Fundraising for VSO

Fundraise for VSO

Follow our simple how-to guides for ideas and support with your fundraising. Find out about fundraising in your community, with friends or in your workplace.


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London Action Group put on a pub quiz

Supporter groups

Supporter groups are where former volunteers, supporters and friends of VSO gather to support one another, fundraise and socialise.

Currently all of our supporter groups are in the UK, if you're in the UK, why not find your nearest group?


CUSO-VSO volunteer Anna MacEachern is setting off for work on a motorbike. Anna is working as a Basic Methodology Trainer in Ngoma district, Rwanda.

Volunteer again

Did you know that one in five VSO volunteers goes back to work in their country of placement? Check out our latest volunteering opportunities here.

VSO staff in Uganda

Job opportunities at VSO

Take a look at our current job vacancies in VSO offices around the world

Remembering VSO in your Will

Patricia Doyle, a VSO Volunteer, speaks to teh VSO Christmas Carol Concert this year

We want to leave behind a world without poverty. Where people aren’t dying because of a lack of access to healthcare, or denied an education because of their gender. A gift in your Will can help build a better future.

Gifts in Wills