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Cocoa Life Ghana

Cocoa-farming communities in Ghana are benefiting from increased yields and bigger profits thanks to our ‘Cocoa Life’ partnership with Mondelēz International

The global demand for cocoa is increasing. This represents an opportunity for cocoa farming communities in Ghana – a country renowned for its quality cocoa produce. However, factors such as outdated farming methods have resulted in low yields. In some cases production is estimated to be just 40% of its potential size.

Quality inclusive education in Ghana

The Government of Ghana spends over 25% of its annual national budget on education. Yet research suggests that the education and learning outcomes for Ghanaian children are among the worst in the world.

Equality in education for girls

Four years, four districts, and 48 schools.

The Sisters for Sisters’ Education project has been getting some of the country’s most vulnerable girls into education, and keeping them there.

A grassroots approach

Between early marriage, domestic duties and menstrual taboo, girls are being kept out of school in Nepal. And when they do get to class, it’s as though they aren’t there at all.

Impact beyond volunteering

Our Impact beyond volunteering study explores how the experience of volunteering creates lasting changes in VSO volunteers themselves, impacting their future behaviour, career choices and influence on others.

South Africa

We are working to improve literacy, and to address the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Girl and her mother at home in Bangladesh | VSO

A year after she resisted marriage at 14, Shapla is still happy at school

A year ago we met Shapla, a 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl who used the lessons she'd learned from VSO ICS youth volunteers to convince her dad not to marry her off to a 37-year-old man.

One year on, we are delighted to report that not only is Shapla still happy at school, she wants to volunteer to inspire more girls to resist child marriage.


Myanmar is a country of significant and rapid change. The county's transition to democracy after years of military rule has heightened expectations of political transformation and quality of life.

Meta-evaluation and synthesis review 2016

In 2016 we conducted a review of 26 evaluation reports, covering our work in specific countries and individual programmes.

Our evaluations

We know that timely evaluation plays a critical role in understanding the contribution we make in delivering sustainable development.

Rigorous evaluations allow us to:

  • improve what we do, to inform programme development, and
  • prove what we do, so we are accountable to the poor and marginalised communities we serve, donors, partners, and peer organisations.

Evaluation highlights

Recent evaluation highlights include: