A piece of cardboard with diagrammes and numbers to help pupils learn simple addition

Numeracy for all

Developing low-cost, high-quality maths teaching aids.

Children at Ngwino Nawe school in Rwanda | VSO

Influencing and advocacy

VSO influences policy at national, regional and international levels. We bring the experience of volunteers, partners and marginalised people to decision makers.

Adult Champion Sunti poses for a photo with one of her "little sisters"  - Sunti
VSO/Omar Havana

Programme delivery partners

Working together to create change for communities around the world.

Volunteer Karen Gartner and tailor Macklyne Katsuiime
VSO/Georgie Scott

Five ways volunteers are tackling youth unemployment in Uganda

Uganda's huge youth population has the potential to lift the country out of poverty, but only if high levels of unemployment can be reduced. VSO volunteers are stepping up to help, and changing lives in the process.

Peer group discussion facilitated by VSO, hearing from married women and men of all ages.

Domestic burden: Young wives in Nepal face violence for 'falling short'

VSO-led research, as part of the One Community One Family (OCOF) project, reveals the difficulties of everyday life for many girls and women in Nepal - but also shines a light on the changing attitudes of the younger generation.

Grade 3 class at Gaulim Demonstration School in East New Britain during a phonics lesson
Sarah Wiles

Five volunteer impacts in Papua New Guinea

As VSO scales back operations in PNG after more than 50 years, we celebrate just a handful of the major impacts volunteers from around the world have had on the development of this diverse Pacific nation.

Women sit in a row and applaud as they listen to volunteer Juliana at a community meeting
VSO/Tim Maynard

Helping female farmers get better at business

We’re training women in Ghana in essential business, agricultural and leadership skills – and empowering them to share their new-found knowledge with their communities.

Four men in a fishing boat on Lake Tonle Sap
VSO/Cesar Lopez Balan

Incomes, alternatives and revival: Life on Cambodia's Great Lake

Fishing was once easy in Cambodia’s Great Lake, Tonle Sap, with abundant fish and little competition. That’s no longer the case, meaning a VSO project to improve incomes was timely – and welcome.

Peer educator Arthur instructs four other workmen in a junkyard
VSO/Peter Caton

HIV: Not a life sentence

In Zimbabwe, we're supporting prison inmates with HIV to live full and healthy lives after their sentences have been served. Three courageous people living with HIV share their stories and hopes for the future.

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