Nepal - Sisters for Sisters COVID response - handwashing in Parsa (69978)
VSO/P Mathema

COVID-19 response: Healthy communities

We're rapidly adapting our work to ensure we do all we can to keep people safe and well - both during this crisis, and in the challenging months to come, when we know the impact on routine health services will be felt the hardest.

Mojo smiling with her classmates
©VSO/Peter Caton

Mojo is back in school

Mojo’s education ended abruptly when she was just eight years old. She had few prospects other than marriage at a very young age. But as Susan Martinez explains, one kind gesture has helped turn Mojo’s life around, with a ripple effect in the community.

A young girl sits outside with her mother and father, who are both wearing face masks, using a tablet to learn
VSO/Craig Mawanga

COVID-19 response: Inclusive education

We're adapting our ongoing education programming to keep children safe and learning - both throughout periods of lockdown, and as they start to return to school.

A volunteer in a VSO T-shirt stands in front of a temporary learning centre in the Cox's Bazar refugee camp
VSO/Mahmud Hossain Opu

COVID-19, poverty and inequality

Why we need the volunteering for development approach as a capability response.

Celia, 12, sits in front of some damaged school tables after Cyclone Idai
© VSO/Mario Mácilau

Girls at risk worldwide as lockdown continues

Girls are at increased risk of child marriage, violence and stigma while schools remain closed. From Kenya, to Mozambique, to Nepal, find out what VSO is doing to support.

Two fisherwomen, Samngath and Thorn, smiling
©VSO/Sue Turbett

The ripple effect of volunteering

One good deed can make waves long into the future. Find out how one Cambodian community is continuing to benefit from a project that concluded in 2018.

Nandi locals and VSO volunteers during the deafway project community awareness parade in Nandi town, Kenya
VSO/Paul Wambugu

Our core approaches

How we ensure that we build communities that are resilient, inclusive and accountable.

Philip Goodwin, VSO CEO

What role for charities amid the growth of the ‘informal sector’?

It’s vital to move beyond artificial divisions between the ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ sectors to a new spirit of active citizenship

Two young schoolchildren stand at their desk and study together from a textbook
VSO/Or Kimsour

Capacity Development Partnership

Supporting equal access to quality education in Cambodia through government capacity development.

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