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Onye Ubanatu

Addressing social exclusion and gender inequality during COVID-19 

Webinar: Monday 22 March 2021, 9 - 10 AM GMT

How VSO is addressing social exclusion and gender inequality in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As health, education and social welfare services are disrupted, it’s the most vulnerable in society that bear the brunt of the impact. Access to sexual and reproductive health services is scarce, gender-based violence and harmful practices are more prevalent, the gender wealth gap is increasing as women are forced to stay at home. Young people are struggling to find employment and children are experiencing more distress and violence – especially those with disabilities.

These are all challenges VSO is working to address, as well as conducting research in multiple countries on the ways social exclusion and inequality affect the impact of the pandemic.

Webinar attendees heard VSO experts and volunteers share their unique experiences and their work mobilising youth volunteers, primary actors, community-based organisations, media partners and NGOs. 

Webinar facilitators: 

  • Praveen Kumar, Lead Advisor on Social Inclusion, Programing and Policy
  • Geeta Pradhan, Global Gender Advisor at VSO

Our speakers

Geeta Pradhan VSO Global Lead Advisor - Gender
Gita Pradhan

Geeta Devi Pradhan - VSO Global Lead Advisor - Gender

Geeta has worked in the development sector for more than 18 years, working across Asia Pacific and Africa.

She leads our strategic and technical approach to Gender and Social Inclusion integration across VSO’s global portfolio in 21 countries. This includes designing and advising on programmes and projects which integrate and embed gender to bring about transformative change.

Geeta leads on women's empowerment initiatives that tackle gender-based violence and embeds gender-responsive programmes in to our work in health, education, and resilient livelihoods.

Praveen Kumar, VSO Lead advisor social inclusion
Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar - VSO Lead Advisor - Social Inclusion, Programming and Policy

Praveen Kumar is a development practitioner and has worked extensively on social inclusion over the past two decades.

He is a Chevening scholar from the London School of Economics and Political Science and has experience of working on global development issues across Africa, South and South East Asia.

As a development practitioner, he has worked with a range of stakeholders to bring about lasting change in marginalised people's lives at the intersection of inclusion, equality, access and justice.


Recap the webinar

Presentation slides

VSO webinar: Addressing social exclusion and gender inequality in Ethiopia

VSO webinar: Addressing social exclusion and gender inequality in Zimbabwe

VSO webinar: Addressing social exclusion and gender inequality in Kenya

Webinar recording

Recording of Addressing social exclusion and gender inequality during COVID-19 webinar on 22 March