Children playing. Nyamasheke, Rwanda.

Early childhood care and education (ECCE)

Early childhood care and education (ECCE) addresses the period from birth to 8 years old. It is an key stage for education intervention because it capitalises on a period of rich brain development for children. When children receive a good quality education early on in life, this can help them achieve their full potential. 

ECCE can lay the foundation for good health and nutrition, learning and educational success, social-emotional learning, and economic productivity throughout life.1  VSO champions learning through play and utilises evidence-based approaches.

We use the power of high-skilled volunteers and technology to enable ECCE teachers and facilitators to learn how to make educational resources from low cost or free locally available resources. Most children learn more effectively through visual aids, but in many countries educational resources are scant. VSO’s ECCE work particularly promotes inclusion of children with disability and neurodiversity. 

Projects supporting ECCE

Young children play with the volunteers

Let’s Learn Through Play (Twigire Mumikino Rwanda)

Play is the most important way for children to gain essential knowledge and skills. Twigire Mumikino Rwanda, or ‘Let’s Learn Through Play', is a four-year project funded by the Lego Foundation creating change at all levels of the education system.

Rohingya children play with the toys donated by VSO
VSO/Abir Abdullah

Supporting Rohingya child refugees

Providing Rohingya child refugees with vital care, home-based education, and safe places to learn and play.

A piece of cardboard with diagrammes and numbers to help pupils learn simple addition

Numeracy for all

Developing low-cost, high-quality maths teaching aids.

Andrew Ashe with children using tablets to support education in Malawi

VSOSCHOOL app: Using technology to empower educators

The VSOSCHOOL app is an invaluable resource that supports children and educator’s learning – both inside and outside the classroom.

Gati supports her mentee Evalyne through any challenges she is facing and with her studies.

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