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Suraj Ratna Shakya

Girls education

Access to inclusive and quality education for girls essential to promoting gender equality and empowerment. Education gives women and girls the opportunity to access social, economic and political opportunities.

Educated girls seldom marry young and are seen to lead more healthy and meaningful lives as they can understand and mindfully engage with the world around them and take on leadership roles. 

Girls face barriers to education often because they are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, harmful socio-cultural norms and practices, violence and violation, poor infrastructure and lack of agency. An education free of harmful gender/social norms empower girls and boys and enables them to contribute to reductions in school-related gender-based violence and harmful practices, including child/early marriage.

Along with social, political and economic barriers, climate change creates additional vulnerability for women and girls. In this context, there is a need for collective action and initiatives that tackle the multitude of issues faced by girls. 

Projects supporting girls education

Young mother in the classroom

Empowering Adolescent Girls to Learn and Earn (EAGLE)

The Empowering Adolescent Girls to Learn and Earn (EAGLE) programme will reach 3,000 out-of-school girls, improving their literacy, numeracy, business, and life skills.

An older woman and a teenage girl sit outside on the ground in Nepal, studying
VSO/Suraj Shakya

Empowering a new generation of adolescent girls with education (ENGAGE)

Our ENGAGE project in Nepal is addressing socio-cultural norms which don’t prioritise girls’ education, raising awareness of the support available for girls with disabilities, and building the skills and capacity of educators through training and mentoring.

Two young schoolchildren sit on the floor at Mdzobwe Primary School and use their tablets to learn
VSO/Jeff DeKock

Building Educational Foundations through Innovation and Technology (BEFIT)

Through the BEFIT project, we’re aiming to improve the foundational literacy and numeracy skills for 3.5 million children across 5,770 public primary schools in Malawi.

Mrs Emily Groga, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Basic & Senior Secondary Education, launching the BFLTT project.
D&D Communications

Building Foundational Learning Through Technology

In April 2023 VSO was delighted to launch an exciting new educational technology programme “Building Foundational learning through technology project (BFLTT) in Sierra Leone.

Girl in a classroom in Nepal | VSO
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Sisters for Sisters' Education

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