Youth Health Champion Manisha gives a demonstration on sanitary pads
Smriti Basnet

Meet our health champions: Manisha Kumari Jah

Meet Manisha, a 19 year old volunteer who has been working with VSO for three months as a Youth Health Champion, teaching young people about adolescent health in Nepal.

community volunteer using a Talking Book to deliver a lesson to the students.
Chosa Mweemba

Meet our health champions: Bartholomew Sunga

Hear from one of our youth champions Bartholomew on how he's helping to raise awareness on sexual and reproductive health among adolescents in his community.

Aarati Patel

Meet our health champions: Aarati Patel

Meet Aarati, a health champion working on youth health rights in Nepal. Her work is helping youth and LGBTQ+ people to access sexual and reproductive health services.

Health care workers learning Kenya Sign language
Paul Wambugu/Obscuramedia

Meet our health champions: Truphosah Fridah Monah

Truphosah works as a disability inclusion advisor on the DESIP project in Kenya, advocating for family planning and social inclusion for disabled people within health services. She is a Kenyan woman with disability and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

golden retriever

‘Because you have a pet’ and other reasons to write your will today

An estimated 60% of eligible adults in the UK do not have a will. A growing number of people are ticking this ‘life admin task’ off their ‘to do lists’ by using a simple and easy to use Free Wills Service.

Kenyan youth group
Paul Wambugu/Obscuramedia

Our youth champions give their climate month round-up

Our youth champions took over our @VSOPeople account on Twitter, to share the ways they're tackling climate change in their communities. Watch the video to find out more.

Columbus Mavhunga

The mental health lifeline for survivors of abuse in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, survivors of violence and abuse have little access to mental health services to manage the trauma they’ve experienced. For those who’ve been through so much, what support is out there?

Alego Young turks members after feeding fish in their cages. Lake Zone. Tanzania
Nicholaus Jackson

Decolonising aid - from rhetoric to action

There has been a lot of talk across the international development sector about the need to “decolonise” aid. VSO's Director of Global Programmes explains how VSO has responded in both our internal practice as well as in our development programming.

Children playing. Nyamasheke, Rwanda.

5 top tips for creating more ‘me time’

In celebration of Free Wills Month, we give you five time-saving hacks to try. Pick and choose what works for you and get some more ‘me time’ into your every day.


VSO Volunteers Honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II

Over the years, many of our volunteers have been recognised in the Queen’s Honours lists. These titles of honour are awarded to deserving people from all walks of life, in public recognition of their merit, service or bravery. In this blog post, we revisit some previous honourees.

Community emergency response team pull a boat from the water

Pakistan Floods - from planning to action

Flooding in Pakistan is a stark reminder that the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, disproportionately affects the poorest societies. Community Emergency Response Teams are in the field providing emergency action.

Youths chat under a tree
Paul Wambugu/ Obscuramedia

5 ways our youth champions are fighting climate change

In this blog we share five ways that our youth champions have realised tremendous achievements in creating climate awareness, climate resilience and triggering climate justice in their communities.