How global warming is impacting the poorest people on the planet

Our earth and its weather systems are finely balanced. Even a small change has huge ramifications and it’s the planet’s poorest people who are shouldering the biggest burden.

Amazing moment volunteer brings a baby back to life

Newborn deaths and infection rates have plummeted since VSO opened this intensive care unit in northern Uganda three months ago.

“I got a motorbike to the hospital to deliver my baby”

Fatu Conteh, 18, gave birth to baby girl Mariama six months ago and shares her story here.

Six inspiring volunteers still changing the world

Our research shows that 55% of VSO volunteers become more involved in social projects after their placements – and a third continue to work with individuals or groups they met whilst volunteering.

Six inspiring volunteers still changing the world

These volunteers are still dedicating their time to supporting the communities they volunteered in.

Investing for the future: Salima's story

Salima is a farmer from northern Bangladesh. After joining a local farmer group she and her husband, Moklaser, have seen significant increases in yields and profits. 

Sparks are flying off Tanzanian female electrician: Zanab’s story

Zanab has realized her unconventional dream of becoming an electrician. After completing a vocational course run in partnership between British Gas Group, VSO and the Tanzanian Government she is one of only two women in a new trade co-operative, with excellent skills and revving for business.

Going above and beyond to save lives

Andrew Sesay is a Community Health Officer at Binkolo clinic, Sierra Leone. He’s often the first point of call for the thousands of people living in the community. 

Why I think we’ll all be worse off if we abandon overseas aid

Tom Legge, 35, from London is a VSO volunteer currently on placement in the north of Ghana. He thinks the current attacks against UK Aid fail to look at the benefit it has to the UK, as well as to people in less well-off countries. 

Progress is sweet for Rwanda's beekeepers

The 'Busy Bee' cooperative are living up to their name. Beekeeping start-up kits and training in business skills, provided by VSO, have helped this group of 26 producers boost their income and entrepreneurial skills.

From anger to action: How to stop 200,000 needless maternal deaths

After a 40-year career in the NHS in the UK, Phil Heywood, 72, is volunteering his skills to help tackle maternal deaths in Myanmar. He explains the global injustice of maternal deaths, and what is being done about it through UK Aid.

Fighting poverty isn’t easy, but it’s working thanks to UK Aid

Bill Carr, 67, has been watching the attacks on UK Aid from his placement in the north of Pakistan with concern. He explains the difference he’s seen it make with his own eyes.