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Gender Pay Reporting for UK employees

UK Gender Pay reporting came into effect from 2017, requiring the reporting of differences in the average and median pay between men and women, and the gender distribution at different levels of remuneration.

  • Median: the median female employee (half of the women earn more and half earn less than her) is paid 4.47% lower than the median male employee.
  • Mean: on average women earn 5.94% less than men.

UK Gender Distribution by level of remuneration

Remuneration quartile

Percentage of male employees (UK)

Percentage of female employees (UK)

4th Quartile (upper)



3rd Quartile



2nd Quartile



1st Quartile (lower)



VSO is proud to report that our gender pay gap is below the national average of 18.1% at the median for all employees (9.4% for full-time employees only).

VSO guarantees equal pay for men and women in the same roles. This is achieved by external benchmarking of salaries per role (as opposed to job holder) every year against other organisations in all the countries we operate in. Roles are reviewed internally to ensure consistency between comparable positions. The job holder’s personal qualities (such as gender and age) are purposefully excluded from this exercise.

The Gender Pay Gap at VSO is mainly explained by two factors:

  1. VSO’s population is 60% female and we only reach an even (50/50) distribution of gender in the top quarter when we list our employees in order by level of pay.
  2. Gender distribution among fields of expertise: Business Development and Human Resources are traditionally less competitive and lower-paid fields of work and, therefore, generate lower benchmark figures. In the UK these areas of work have tended to attract more women. There is a more competitive and higher paid market for Finance and IT, which traditionally tend to attract more men.