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Annual report

VSO’s work is special. It unlocks the possibility of positive change, bringing people from different backgrounds, expertise and experiences together.

VSO volunteers and partners reached 2.4 million people last year. They brought inspiration, energy and vital practical skills to help achieve community goals – better healthcare, more valuable education and broader opportunities.

Our year in numbers


15 countries. 900,000 people supported. 132 partners.

In Malawi, we saw a 45% improvement in learning gains of children through the Unlocking through Technology project.


14 countries over 1,336,000 people supported. 101 partners.

Thanks to the ACT project in Tanzania, newborn deaths have dropped by 37% in Mtwara and Lindi regions since 2013.


14 countries. 165,000 people supported. 112 partners

The Growing Together programme working with farmers in Bangladesh has seen incomes increase by an average of 300% over the past two years.

Headlines from 2016/17

  • VSO signed a formal agreement with the Commission of African Union to integrate volunteering into its peace and development work.
  • As a member of the International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations, our staff and volunteers helped to shape the debate at the annual conference.
  • VSO has helped secure the first national volunteer centre in Thailand with partner Volunteer Spirit Network, connecting over 30,000 volunteers.
  • Our Impact beyond Volunteer research showed that over three quarters of volunteers changed their level of social action after their placement had ended.  Over a third continued to support their partners or communities.
  • In 2017, VSO held its second annual VSO Volunteer Awards to celebrate the best in our volunteering approach.

Download 2016-17 annual report

VSO Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016-17.pdf

Financial review

Income for the year totalled £78 million

vso income 2016-17


Total expenditure for the year was £76 million


Further downloads

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