VSO volunteer in Nigeria. Part of the Accenture-funded Improving Market Access for the Poor programme.
VSO/Onye Ubanatu

VSO and Accenture

Taking thousands of people from poverty to prosperity.

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Together, VSO and Accenture build programmes that have improved the lives of thousands of disadvantaged people.

We have worked with Accenture for over 20 years, with the first employee volunteers joining us in 1999.

Since then, 150 Accenture volunteers have worked in countries across Africa and Asia, responding to a growing demand for business professionals to help solve development challenges.

Accenture corporate volunteer Sanne working in Nigeria
©VSO/Tim Maynard
Accenture's Sanne Holtslag (left) volunteered in Nigeria training farmers to improve yields and income on a project co-created with VSO.

Improving market access for the poor

Millions of people live in poverty because they lack the ability to benefit from markets, while market systems themselves often discriminate against the poor.

But markets can also be a valuable tool to helping people out of poverty.

Together, VSO and Accenture have developed a market-based approach to improving the lives of those in marginalised communities. Improving Market Access for the Poor (IMA4P) is a five-year project, funded by Accenture, which has so far increased the income of 24,000 people by:

  • sharing the skills, resources and support needed to have fairer participation in markets,
  • building links that improve access to markets,
  • working with stakeholders across the whole value chain to make the market system fairer.

IMA4P is active in Cambodia, Nigeria, Malawi and Tanzania. VSO staff, volunteers and partners share best practice between the four countries.

Improving Market Access for the Poor programme

Accenture team on Mount Everest VSO charity trek
Intrepid Accenture team trekking Mount Everest to raise funds for VSO

Meeting corporate social responsibility goals

In 2015, Accenture committed to equipping over 3 million people the skills to get a job or build a business by 2020. In 2019, they surpassed their initial target, reaching nearly 3.6 million people.

Partnering with experienced development organisations like VSO helps Accenture to meet and surpass their corporate citizenship goals.

Accenture employees also contribute to this by volunteering and taking part in fundraising challenges.

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Knowledge Exchange is VSO’s corporate employee volunteering programme. Develop your talented employees, while changing lives in the world's poorest communities.

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