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How to organise a bag pack

Fundraisers at a bag pack vso

Bag packing in a local supermarket can be a really easy way to raise money and spread the word about VSO.

See our top tips below for how to do it....

  • Think about the supermarkets that you would benefit from the most. The bigger the supermarket the better as there will be more checkouts for you to use.
  • Get permission first. Ask to speak to the manager and tell them about your fundraising. If they ask you to send in a formal letter we can help you with this, so please do get in touch. 
  • Discuss with the management what day to hold your bag pack- they’ll know when the supermarket is likely to be busiest and when you can hope to raise the most funds.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask whether you can book a series of dates to do bag packing – an easy way to increase your total with little extra effort.
  • Once you have confirmed your dates, get a team of packers together and head to the supermarket. Make sure you have someone covering each aisle for maximum impact.
  •  Contact us for some branded collection buckets and tins as well as a few leaflets about what we do and who we are.  Wear your VSO T-shirt with pride for maximum authority.   
  • Be confident, friendly and ready with a winning smile and watch the donations come in.

Paying in funds raised

  • Don't forget to pay in any raised funds to us as quickly as possible and to find out how, please visit our how to pay in your funds page. 
  • Please note that for events such as this, you cannot claim Gift Aid on the money rasied. 
  • For more information about the sorts of events you could hold and other things you can do to raise funds for us, visit our fundraising suggestions section.

The dedicated VSO supporter care team are onhand during UK business hours to give you any support you need

Need some help? Get in touch!

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8780 7500