Young members of VSO and Cocoa Life’s enterprise training group
Nicholas Seun Adatsi

Youth empowerment, green jobs and decent work

We're supporting young women, men and informal workers networks to transition to green decent jobs and resilient livelihoods.

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Men planting mangroves on a beach in the Philippines
©Pakigdait Inc

The power of regrowth

Climate change, typhoons and poor fishing practices were threatening the way of life of a coastal community in the Philippines. Then volunteers came together to plant mangroves to turn the tide.

Woman sitting by a wall in Nepal
©VSO/Omar Havana

Wolf at the door: Last chance to avoid COVID-induced famine

Mounting evidence shows food security has dwindled during the pandemic, especially for the most marginalised. Without urgent action, a year of famines looks increasingly likely in 2021.

Randstad volunteer Jenny Hoevenagel looks at crops in a field next to members of a youth co-operative
©VSO/Ginny Lattul

Webinar: Transforming Food Systems through youth-led intervention

This International Youth Day, hear how VSO’s youth volunteers are supporting the most vulnerable people to contribute to transforming the food systems they rely on.