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ugandan baby in hospital VSO/Georgie Scott
VSO/Georgie Scott

So many babies are in urgent need of help

Your support could help train doctors and nurses to save lives. 

Donations will be distributed across all types of VSO’s work in health, education and livelihoods. Charity Registration 313757 (England and Wales) SCO39117 (Scotland).

Who are VSO?

We know that there are enough resources in the world for everyone to live free from poverty. But despite great progress in some of the world’s poorest countries, there are still children dying because they can’t see a doctor, parents who can’t make a living, and children missing out on an education.

Together with our supporters and volunteers we know we can change this.

We’ve been fighting poverty with local communities in developing countries for 60 years.

We don’t distribute aid - we send specially trained professionals (like doctors, nurses, teachers, and tradespeople) to volunteer and share their skills.

Today we work in 24 countries around the world to empower thousands of people towards a better future, free from poverty.

What we Do?

At VSO, we know that poverty is the result of human action. And we know that people are the ones who can change this.

VSO works with volunteers to bring about sustainable positive change.

Working as advisors, trainers and mentors our volunteers span projects in health, education, and building vocational skills. We work to alleviate poverty from the moment a baby is born, through their schooling, and into a rewarding job.

By living and working alongside the disadvantaged and excluded, we can better understand the challenges they face, and work together to find new and effective ways to solve problems and build a better future.

We deliver practical, long-lasting results that make the most of your donation

Why should you donate?

For every £1 we raise in funds 92p goes directly on our life-changing work. The remaining 8p is invested into running our organisation and raising the next £1.

Gifts of all sizes can make a real, life-saving difference to a newborn baby. A specialised stethoscope to hear the heartbeat of even the smallest baby costs just £24 – with just £2 a month, within a year you gift could be saving countless lives with equipment just like this.

By making a regular gift today, not only will you be helping more mums and babies in need, but you’ll be supporting all our vital work with impoverished families and communities around the world.

Your generosity, hand in hand with volunteers, will keep making a difference for generations to come. Thank you!