How to organise a raffle

Holding a raffle is a great way to raise funds for VSO

Roll up, roll up, it’s raffle time! With our top tips you’ll soon be turning the tombola and totting up donations for VSO...

Step one: Decide when and how you will do your raffle 

Bear in mind that a raffle run on the day of a wider event is classed as a small lottery, and while it has to meet the criteria below, it doesn’t have to be registered with a local authority or gaming board. Make sure you don’t offer any cash prizes, that you sell and issue tickets - and announce winners - on the same day and that the total sum of bought prizes doesn’t exceed £250. If you’ve been lucky enough to have secured donated prizes, these can exceed £250. 

Step two: Get in touch with VSO if you want to host a standalone raffle 

Sometimes only a standalone event will do. If this is the case for you and you’d rather not tag the raffle onto another fundraiser, contact us here at VSO as you’ll need to secure a licence through us. 

Step three: Get blagging 

Let everyone know you’re running a raffle and are in need of prizes big and small. Give examples to make life easier for those you contact; a voucher for a lunch for two at a local restaurant, a bottle of wine at a pub nearby, a hamper of goodies from a shop are all fantastic offerings. Where you can, credit any donors in your social media posts and announcements. Once the raffle has been drawn, send thank you notes to each of your sponsors.

Step four: Spread the word

Once you have some great prizes ready, start telling people about them and create a buzz. Blagged a stay at a hotel for two? Shout about it! Use social media, posters, word of mouth and even announcements at local sporting matches or events to promote your raffle. It all helps to drum up interest. 

Step five: Set up a stall

Make your stall look as appealing as possible, after all it’s the shop window for your raffle. Even if the majority of your prizes are vouchers, print colourful posters detailing the prizes (including any expiry dates) to entice punters to enter. Pump up balloons, use bunting, and put on your most winning smile as you sell tickets.

Use VSO Materials

printable PDF bunting


Download, print out, cut out, string it up! It's VSO-branded bunting.

a centerpiece for your table - print out the PDF

Table topper

Use this table-top sign to add a splash of colour to your stand or stall.

We're raising money - a downloadable poster for the office or school

'We're raising money!' poster

Spread the word about your fundraising with this eye-catching poster.

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