Add some sparkle to your fundraising with these fundraising tools! Simply download as many as you need and if you want any extra help, call us on 020 8780 7500.​

Guides, Planners, ideas

Fundraising guide

Our printable VSO fundraising guide

plan your fundraising over time to stay ahead of the game, with this handy planner.

Fundraising planner

Keep your fundraising on track with this handy planner.

Fundraising ideas to celebrate VSO's 60th anniversary

60th anniversary fundraising ideas booklet

For our 60th anniversary, we brought 60 fundraising ideas together in this booklet for you to download, be inspired by and share with your friends.

VSO branded marathon sweepstake form

Marathon Sweepstake

Get your friends, family and co-workers to guess how long it will take you to run the marathon, and give a prize to the person who comes closest

Bake sales

a centerpiece for your table - print out the PDF

Table topper

Use this table-top sign to add a splash of colour to your stand or stall.

printable PDF bunting


Download, print out, cut out, string it up! It's VSO-branded bunting.


Donation form

Our VSO branded donation form

Paying in form

Our VSO branded paying in form


Download and print this thank you poster

Thank your supporters - Poster

Thank your supporters and spread awareness of your fundraising efforts with this download-and-print poster

We're raising money - a downloadable poster for the office or school

'We're raising money!' poster

Spread the word about your fundraising with this eye-catching poster.