A group of primary schoolchildren hold hands and laugh as they play outside in the schoolyard.
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We've worked in Ghana since 1958, strengthening inclusive education systems and supporting people to develop sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

We have now scaled back our operations in this country.

Inclusive education

Young children smile as they sit on the floor of their classroom
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We've supporting some of Ghana's most vulnerable and marginalised children to access the education they deserve.

We worked with the Ghana Education Service and local communities, training teachers and providing the resources and expertise needed to make classrooms accessible to all children – no matter their gender, circumstances, or specific needs.

Our Teaching Education Needs Inclusively (TENI) project increased primary enrolment by 18% in some of Ghana’s most marginalised communities, and supported children with disabilities to stay in education: in 2017-18, 79% of TENI participants with disabilities progressed from one school year to the next.

We’ve established Girls’ Clubs in 60 schools, which supported vulnerable girls to stay in education, and work to overcome the barriers, such as child marriage and pregnancy, that can prevent girls progressing to secondary education.

Resilient livelihoods

Cocoa farmer Abiba leans on a cocoa tree with ripening pods

We've empowered smallholder farmers to capitalise on the growing global demand for quality cocoa.

Through our partnership with Mondelez International, we’ve supporting farming communities in rural Ghana to capitalise on the growing global demand for high-quality cocoa. Our expert volunteers helped hundreds of cocoa-growing communities to improve their knowledge and understanding of sustainable agricultural methods, leading to yields increasing by 37% and income rising by 49%.

We also trained farmers to diversify their income and pursue additional income-generating activities, such as rearing livestock or making crafts for sale. In doing so, communities became more resilient to shocks and market fluctuations. By establishing village-based savings associations and action committees, we supported members to access finance and re-invest profits in essential development projects, including improving school, health and transport infrastructure.

Increasing profits for cocoa farmers

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Education system strengthening

Developing inclusive education systems that leave no child behind.