Two young Rohingya boys sit on the floor of a child-friendly centre in the Cox's Bazar camp, drawing with colouring pencils

Education in emergencies

Building resilient education systems in fragile spaces.

In fragile spaces with limited and unstable infrastructure, like refugee camps or regions impacted by natural hazards, our projects take learning outside the traditional classroom setting.

Instead, we work with families and volunteers to develop home-based early childhood education spaces, whilst training them to become community educators.

By developing and adopting novel technologies, we’re able to support educators and caregivers to access quality learning materials, wherever they are. We support volunteers to create low-cost, sustainable resources, so a lack of supplies doesn’t have to be a barrier to learning.

Alongside developing alternative and accelerated education programmes to make sure young learners don’t miss out at this crucial time, we provide psychosocial support to help children cope with the stresses of their experience and environment. Creating safe spaces for learning and play helps bring a sense of normality, allowing those who've suffered trauma to regain their childhood.

Programmes supporting education in emergencies

Rohingya children play with the toys donated by VSO
VSO/Abir Abdullah

Supporting Rohingya child refugees

Providing Rohingya child refugees with vital care, home-based education, and safe places to learn and play.

A group of young children sit outside on the round, listening to a local teacher talk about school and earthquake preparedness

Emergency education post-earthquake

Providing essential learning and psychosocial support after the Nepal earthquake.

A piece of cardboard with diagrammes and numbers to help pupils learn simple addition

Numeracy for all

Developing low-cost, high-quality maths teaching aids.

Other areas of our work supporting inclusive education

Children using tablet computers on the VSO Malawi Unlocking Talent project

Education system strengthening

Developing inclusive education systems that leave no child behind.

Gati supports her mentee Evalyne through any challenges she is facing and with her studies.

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