Big Sister, Nirmala

A brighter future: the volunteers helping girls stay in school

Despite Nepal making significant strides in education, there are many children who are still being left behind, unable to get the schooling they deserve.

However, VSO volunteers, also referred to as "Big Sisters," like Nirmala, are helping to ensure children have the best start in life by highlighting the importance of education to parents.

Nirmala's story

Hear from our inspiring volunteer Nirmala, who is working with the Dalit community. The Dalit community in particular, experiences systematic and widespread caste-based discrimination in Nepal. However, thanks to your support, Nirmala is ensuring that Dalit children are not forgotten about.


Watch an inspiring video about Srijana's work

Creating inclusive education spaces in Nepal

The SIKAI project ('sikai' meaning 'learning' in Nepali) aims to help 7,200 students to transition to secondary education through increasing parental support for education and improving learning outcomes in schools.

The SIKAI project

Gati supports her mentee Evalyne through any challenges she is facing and with her studies.

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Beekeeper holding honeycomb

Pioneering the Path of Agroecology: The first VSO-led cross-country learning and partners exchange

In June 2024, VSO launched its first Cross-Country Learning and Partners Exchange, bringing together VSO project leaders and partners from Nepal and Zimbabwe to exchange best practices in small holder farmer agroecology.

Bineloge Nhembo

The youth volunteer who's empowering rural communities in Zimbabwe

Hear from youth volunteer, Bineloge Nhembo, about his journey to champion climate education in Zimbabwe.

Jamera on the beach
VSO/Lisa Marie David

Tapping into the world’s most staple food to weather many a storm

Rice is incredibly important to Filipinos. Not only is it a food staple, but over 32% of the workforce in the country is involved in rice farming. Read the uplifting stories of two women who are members of a rice trading co-operative.