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VSO evaluation strategy 2017

Our vision for 2017

A culture of learning and evaluation drives our effectiveness, relevance, impact and sustainability.

It also helps increase understanding of the unique contribution volunteering makes to sustainable development.

VSO is committed to embedding a culture of learning and evaluation by 2017 by:

  • Building learning and evaluative questions and processes within programmes design and architecture and ensuring they drive programmes and organisational monitoring practices and data collection.
  • Increasing the number of collaborative internal evaluative and learning exercises conducted across programmes.
  • Using generated findings to facilitate learning, understand the impact and sustainability of our work and drive programme improvement.
  • Sharing best practice of rigorous evaluations methodologies, approaches and findings amongst all staff across VSO.
  • Increasing the strategic choice of global or meta-evaluations across thematic and geographic areas.
  • Increasing VSO’s capacity and confidence to decide on the need and relevance of external evaluation and to commission and manage strong evaluations using external experts when this is deemed necessary

Our vision for evaluation for 2015-17 is laid out in our VSO Evaluation Strategy [PDF]