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Volunteering in Bangladesh


Flooding in Bangladesh Stephanie Marie Mueller

Mr Islam and his wife have been cultivating various vegetables on their farm land thanks to training by Growing Together. The recent rainfall caused the local river to overflow and flood their crops.

Excessive rainfall across Asia has hit Bangladesh. It is estimated a third of the country has been flooded, with further rainfall expected.

VSO volunteers and staff in Bangladesh are safe and are on alert to offer support.

Over 200 farmers in Rangpur, northern Bangladesh, who are part of the Growing Together programme have been hit by the flooding. There has been significant damage to the demonstration plots and to their crops. This will likely have an impact on their future income generation in this largely agricultural community.

VSO Bangladesh will be working with farmers to ensure that their resilience training and cooperative savings systems are activated in this time of crisis

Welcome to Bangladesh!

Bangladesh is a green and fertile country with innumerable waterways that crisscross the largest river delta in the world.

VSO has been active in Bangladesh since 1974 and over the past 30 years poverty has consistently fallen, with an 81% increase in its Human Development Index. However, rural areas are home to many small-scale farmers, sixty percent of whom live below the poverty line and are threatened by a changing climate that brings more regular flooding, and decreasing freshwater.

VSO is working to improve health outcomes, ensure that more people have safe, sustainable means of making a living, and working with communities to respond to the effects of a changing climate and environment. 

Our projects are making real progress, and we’re excited to see what we will achieve in a time of national growth of industry and opportunity.

All the best,
Simon Brown, Country Director

Our volunteers

Useful information

Youth volunteering in Bangladesh with ICS

We have fully-funded opportunities for young people aged 18-25 to volunteer on projects lasting around 10 weeks on our International Citizen Service (ICS) programme.

In Bangladesh, ICS volunteers work with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Tasks include market research, business development and marketing.

ICS Volunteers also work with community volunteers and national volunteers in youth clubs raising awareness on topics such as sexual and reproductive health rights, health and hygiene and child marriage.

If you are a Bangladesh national interested in volunteering with ICS please contact our local office by email: VSO Bangladesh team

UK nationals interested in youth volunteering can apply on the ICS website.

Kieran Toner (VSO volunteer) with children in Bangladesh Diana Patient

Kieran Toner, VSO volunteer, with children in Bangladesh


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