A VSO volunteer holding a newborn baby
©VSO/Claude Kamba

Delivering a chance at life

How VSO is helping to give more babies a chance at life in Uganda.

Gwen Harris pictured here is a VSO volunteer who went to Myanmar. Here she is talking to the camera about the unexpected thing she learnt as a volunteer.
VSO/Juanan Eguiguren

The unexpected thing I learnt as a VSO volunteer

Returned volunteers from the UK share some of the unexpected things they learned from their VSO experience, from the practical, to the bizarre, to the profound.

A volunteer's life in Karamoja, Uganda

Marie Moreau from Dublin, who has just returned from volunteering with VSO Ireland as an Inspection Advisor in Uganda, talks about her experience helping to improve and extend the country's education system.

Bosco is a farmer in Uganda who has been supported by VSO's YELG project
Ginny Lattul

After the conflict I had nothing

Volunteers are working in the Gulu region, supporting young people access a range of employment and educational opportunities. Chairman of the Lacan Kow Lewet cooperative, Bosco Onyaobo, explains how the project has transformed his life.

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