Peter Okoth is a Kenyan volunteer supporting farmers in Ghana
Teresa Menka

Simple ideas make a big difference for Ghanaian farmers

Northern Ghana can be very dry, and due to climate change there is less and less rainfall every year. For farmers, making the most of water is vital. Volunteer Peter Okoth, an agricultural expert from Kenya is working to support the farmers in the region. Introducing new techniques to conserve water, increase yields and sustain farmers’ incomes. 

Souy Kran is a primary school teacher in Cambodia
Thomas Roos

No more missing pay cheques for teachers in Cambodia

Due to low and unreliable salaries, teachers in Cambodia have been demoralised. This has a knock-on effect on quality of education and is a barrier to improvement. But after work by VSO volunteers a new system of payment has been introduced that ensures reliable access to teachers’ hard-earned wages.

Jo Doyne playing with children from Ngwino Nawe village,
Mussa Uwitonze

Building a brighter future for children with disabilities

Helping save young lives every day

Local teacher Rebecca has been working alongside VSO volunteer Paul to build capacity
Andrew Aitchison

Education is for everyone

In Lindi, Tanzania, exam results are among the lowest in the country and many students drop out of school early. English teacher, Rebecca Ngovano, has been working alongside VSO volunteer Paul Jennings to try and change this.

By introducing new teaching methodologies to teachers in the area, Paul hopes to keep students engaged and more likely to continue their education.

Paul Jennings with teacher mentor Rebecca

Education has to be the root of everything

Paul Jennings is volunteering as a teacher trainer in one of the most deprived regions of Tanzania. Worlds away from his UK classroom. 

He’s supporting teachers across 12 secondary schools, improving teaching quality and helping to keep students engaged and attending school.  

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