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Volunteer Impact Awards 2018


International Volunteer Award

This award recognises the impact and commitment of a volunteer on a VSO placement outside their own country in the previous 12 months. The international award reflects the specific skills of a volunteer to bring in new thinking to a project that combines effectively with local knowledge or provides a different voice to help.

Finalists for International Volunteer Award 2018:

  • Jane Stageman, Gender and Social Inclusion project, Myanmar
  • Marianne Bontenbal, Sharing Skills, Saving Lives project, Uganda
  • Monica Atim, TALK project, Zambia

In-country Volunteer Award

This award recognises the impact and commitment of a volunteer on a VSO placement in their own country in the last 12 months. The in-country award is for an in-country volunteer that’s brought the most in-depth local understanding to resolve an issue or helped link local services to the most marginalised because of their local knowledge.

Finalists for In-country Volunteer Award 2018:

  • Brown Niyonsaba, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, Rwanda
  • Egide Nsabimana, Building Learning Foundations project, Rwanda
  • Harrison Kariuki, ICS Deafway programme, Kenya

Community Volunteer Award

This award recognises the increasing importance of volunteers who make lasting change within their own communities in the last 12 months. Community volunteers work directly with VSO or with a local partner organisation. They bring a unique understanding of their own community context and the causes of poverty, they are motivated to help their community, and their passion, creativity and enthusiasm make them extremely effective volunteers. Often they are invaluable in persuading communities to trust and access public services, for example, mobilising their community to visit hospital, because the nurses have no time to go to the local community.

Finalists for Community Volunteer Award 2018:

  • Francis Kandeh, Disaster Risk Reduction project, Sierra Leone
  • Sadek Islam, Sexual and Reproductive Health projects, Bangladesh
  • Sirjana Shama, One Community One Family project, Nepal

Youth Leader Award

This award recognises youth leadership and the volunteer's contribution to influencing policy and advocacy activities.

Finalists for Youth Leader Award 2018:

  • Alina Sarfraz, Pakistan Youth Initiative, Pakistan
  • Joseph Mahtab, ICS National Alumni and NYEN, Bangladesh
  • Try Boramey, ICS Team Leader, Cambodia

Youth Active Citizen Award

This award recognises volunteers that have used their ingenuity and creativity to create meaningful change in a community with specific outcomes and impact.

Finalists for Youth Active Citizen Award 2018:

  • Allie Stewart, LGBT rights in rural Scotland (Action at Home), India
  • Edmund Mbigili, Youth Forum in Dodoma (Action at Home),Tanzania
  • Tayiba Hussain, Adoption and fostering within the ethnic community in Surrey, Ethiopia

Impact Beyond Volunteering Award

This award recognises the significant contribution a volunteer continues to make after their time with VSO is over, after their placement has finished. This volunteer can be an international, in-country, youth or a community volunteer.

The shortlist is agreed by a judging panel, and the public decide the winner.

Finalists for Impact Beyond Volunteering Award 2018:

  • Gladys Muthara and Susan Waruingi
  • Nick Maurice
  • Penny O'Sullivan
  • Yolanda van den Broek

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Education Volunteer Award

This award recognises the special impact and commitment of an education volunteer in a VSO programme in the previous 12 months. This volunteer can be an international, in-country, youth or a community volunteer.

Finalists for Education Volunteer Award 2018:

  • Anne Law, Sisters for Sisters project, Nepal
  • Fred van den Brug, Unlocking Talent project, Malawi
  • Scott Sissons, Reading Support project, South Africa

Team Award

This award recognises the impact and commitment of a team of volunteers in the last 12 months. These volunteers can be international, in-country, youth or community volunteers.

Finalists for Team Award 2018:

  • Improving Market Access to the Poor (IMA4P), Cambodia
  • Theatre for a Change, Tanzania
  • VSO Alumni Association, Bangladesh

Voluntary Workforce Award

This award recognises a volunteer who has provided invaluable support behind the scenes. These volunteers often provide essential support to one of our offices, like selecting or engaging volunteers, providing business support, organising fundraising activities or acting as an ambassador. 

Finalists for Voluntary Workforce Award 2018:

  • Helen Davis, Dorset VSO Supporter Group, UK
  • Iris Fowler, Kingston office volunteer, UK
  • Kirsty Buxbom, Voluntary Selector and Building Learning Foundations recruitment, UK/Rwanda

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