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Plastic Free January


Reduce your use of single use plastic in January 2019

This January we are challenging you to take action to protect the planet by reducing the amount of single use plastic you use whilst raising money for VSO. 

You can choose exactly how you do it and how much you reduce your single use plastic by.

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Here are some ideas:

plastic beach VSO
  • Reuseable tote bags instead of plastic bags
  • Use a reuseable mug or cup for your beverages
  • Refuse single-use straws
  • Buy your fruit and veg loose rather than in plastic packaging
  • Buy bread from a bakery
  • Buy your soap in bar form
  • Use loose tea rather than teabags
  • Buy things in bulk
  • Make your own cleaning products e.g. vinegar and water
  • Give up chewing gum
  • Make your own lunch rather than buying from a shop
  • More ideas here

If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon

David Attenborough, UN Climate Change Summit, Dec 2018

Donate the money you save

Not only will you be helping to protect our planet by reducing your use of single use plastic, you are likely to save money on certain things. Whether it's 50p off when you use a reusable cup at a coffee shop or 10p saved each time you refuse a plastic bag, it can all add up.

Donate any money you save and ask for donations from friends and family. This will also have the added benefit of raising awareness!

The top 3 fundraisers will be sent a VSO Bamboo Flask worth £14.99!

Take Action Today

Saidu Turay VSO

VSO volunteer, Saidu Turay, is making a stand on behalf of his community in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Not just a plastic problem

Plastic pollution usually affects poor communities more and can lead to disease, death and indignity. VSO supported initiatives such as the one led by Paul in Tanzania are aiming to take action to clean up towns. 

By doing Plastic Free January, you will be helping poor and marginalised communities cope with the effects of plastic pollution.

Take Action Today

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