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Six things British volunteers want you to know about investing in ending global poverty

We asked recently returned VSO volunteers from the UK what message they wanted to share, having experienced life on the front line of fighting poverty. This is what they said:

1. We're making a difference

VSO volunteer Hilary King quote

Volunteer Teacher Trainer Hilary King in Myanmar

"It can feel like news from developing countries is always bad news, that we are just pouring money into a black hole. On the ground, though, it is clear a very significant difference is being made to individuals who will continue to make a difference for others long after the volunteer has returned home."

Hilary King, volunteered with VSO in Myanmar

2. We're helping local people get the change they want

"There are millions of local heroes throughout the developing world who have the motivation to make positive change happen. Our support can help them make it happen."

James Skinner, volunteered with VSO in Papua New Guinea as a Multimedia producer

3. Doing nothing is a choice

VSO volunteer Clare Hawkes quote

Volunter Community Mobiliser Clare Hawkes in Nepal

"We want a just world. We want equality and social justice – it won’t happen unless we all do something. We can’t stand and watch. Doing nothing is letting injustice and inequality happen."

Clare Hawkes, volunteered with VSO in Nepal

4. Little things can make a big difference

"You cannot expect to change the world, but small things you do can have a huge impact on the lives of individuals."

Sue Scorer, accompanied partner Steve to volunteer in Tanzania

5. You can afford to be generous

VSO volunteer Steve Houghton

VSO volunteer Monitoring & Evaluation Adviser Steve in Tanzania

"You have won the lottery of life because you were born in the UK. You are automatically in the richest 10% of the world. You can afford to be generous."

Steven Houghton, volunteered with VSO in Tanzania

6. Your money IS making a difference

"Your money is being well spent. Girls would be at home instead of at school, doing housework, or embarking on child marriage if it was not for the Sisters for Sisters Education project in Nepal".

Eunice Stephen, volunteered with VSO in Nepal as a Community Mobiliser, (Gender & Education)

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