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Volunteer midwife Gudrun with new mother Farida Peter Caton

VSO Volunteer Midwife Gudrun Witt with new mother Farida

Minutes to save Farida’s life

Excerpt from an interview with VSO Volunteer Midwife Gudrun Witt

"When Farida arrived at the hospital, she was already in the late stages of labour and was rushed straight onto the ward. The birth itself went well, and when Farida’s beautiful baby daughter cried for the first time.

"Then, suddenly, what should have been a simple procedure went drastically wrong. As the trainee midwife was delivering the placenta, the umbilical cord snapped.

"I declared an emergency. Farida was bleeding severely - we had just minutes to save her.

"The clock was ticking and I knew it wasn’t just Farida’s life in my hands; it was her baby’s future too.

"Thank goodness I had a delivery kit right there when I needed it. I was able to grab the forceps and stem the bleeding. This quick action saved Farida’s life and avoided her baby daughter growing without her mother."

Could you help us save the lives of mothers and babies?

In Uganda, women are 38 times more likely to die in childbirth than women in the UK. 

Many lives are needlessly lost. With simple equipment and the right training, midwives could save more lives during childbirth.

One solution is providing simple delivery kits. The kits are made up of vital and sterile instruments that enable a midwife to react quickly to common and preventable complications, such as infections or severe bleeding.