The European Commission

The European Union (EU) – including Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) channelled through the European Commission (EC) and that of individual Member States – provides almost 60% of the world’s ODA, about 54 billion Euros in 2010.

In 2010, the EC alone was responsible for managing 11 billion Euros in development assistance. This amount covers a range of funding modalities including budget support to developing country governments, humanitarian assistance and grants and contracts, some of which civil society and nongovernmental organisations can access.

The Commission’s EuropeAid Development and Co-operation (DEVCO) Directorate General is responsible for designing EU development policies and delivering aid through programmes and projects across the world.

Since 2000, VSO has received support from the EC for over 30 grants in countries where we work including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Kenya, Zambia and Cambodia. Most of the funding support that VSO has received from the EC comes from EuropeAid managed sources of funds.

For more information, visit the EuropeAid website.

Sangita Singh - India
VSO International