Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

VSO Netherlands receives support through PSO, an umbrella organisation for capacity building of civil society organisations in developing countries. PSO is directly liaised to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Good governance initiatives

The Dutch Government supports good governance initiatives in 36 partner countries, with a focus on human rights and a good business climate that boosts employment and revenue. This also underlies Dutch efforts in the field of education, HIV and AIDS, water, the environment, and reproductive health. The Government concentrates on these themes because they all contribute towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

Working in partnerships

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs carries out its development policy through various channels. These range from small-scale initiatives to World Bank activities. The Dutch Government realises that in all its efforts to tackle poverty, it needs the resources, networks and skills of private citizens, the business world, civil society organisation and institutions. Therefore the government considers working in partnerships as crucial in order to share risks, responsibilities and rewards.

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