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Where we work

We work through more than 20 country offices in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. They decide, plan and implement VSO’s programmes for the country where they are based. They also fundraise and manage staff, volunteers, partnerships and donor relationships. Some of our countries offices also recruit volunteers for national and international placements.
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If you're interested in volunteering for VSO, we have recruitment bases all over the world. These bases select and train volunteers and provide support for when volunteers return home. Take a look at the list below to find a VSO recruitment base near you.

VSO Bahaginan
Recruiting from
VSO China
Recruiting from
VSO India
Recruiting from
iVolunteer Overseas
Recruiting from
India, Mauritius, Sri Lanka
VSO Ireland
Recruiting from
VSO Jitolee
Recruiting from
Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda
VSO Nederland
Recruiting from
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands

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