Supporting VSO gives you the chance to make a bigger difference

Money and food help, but they don't last forever. We create enduring change by bringing people together to share knowledge, coordinating their efforts to maximise impact.

With VSO, every donation you make brings people together to spark a chain reaction. You'll help make life better not just for an individual or a family, but for a whole community.

Please make a donation via your local VSO website:

How your donation helps

Our volunteers work with local partner organisations that serve poor people. They help give children a future through education, improve the standards of care in hospitals, train poor people in the skills they need to make a decent living – whatever needs to be done to break down the barriers that trap people in poverty.

In doing so, they create what we call a "ripple effect" – the knowledge and skills they share will be passed on from one person to another, so one volunteer's contribution spreads far and wide. 

Find out more in our life-changing stories, or watch the video above about the work we're doing in Nepal.

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